An Attendance Tracker for Teachers and Group Leaders

A new and improved way of collecting student attendance has arrived! With Easy Attendance, gone are the days of tedious data entry- simply open the app and begin recording. No more lost or misplaced attendance sheets.


Easy Attendance is the best tool for taking attendance records.

Record keeping can be a pain, especially if you're trying to do it manually. Our software is a powerful and easy way to gather and track student attendance without all the headaches.

Simple to Setup & Use

A simple and intuitive interface that allows teachers and instructors to easily capture and archive attendance based records.

Import Your Lists

Class lists can be added manually or imported from a csv file contained with a Dropbox® or email.

Generate Reports

Send reports in a variety of formats with just a few clicks! You can email or Dropbox® daily attendance and missing students, full semester reports, and summary reports.

Customizable Statuses

Keep track of each student's information in great detail. This includes the student's parents' email and phone number, as well as any custom details that you might want to add.

Record Observations

It's easy to add observations and notes for each student during your sessions. This makes it simple to monitor a student's development or identify areas that need more attention.

Random Groups

Schedule employees anytime, anywhere. Set roster patterns, send shift invites, forecast your weekly wages, and much more.

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